Angekommen (arrived)

Bildungsstätte Anne Frank


Flight, displacement and migration in general are global phenomena that have occurred time and again throughout human history. And yet hostility towards refugees and racism are rampant: in 2023, attacks on refugees almost doubled compared to the previous year. In the public debate about refugees and migration, there is a lot of talk about refugees – people who have experienced flight rarely get a chance to speak. The web video project “angekommen” (arrived) is about personal stories, but also about showing refugees as people with rights and legitimate needs and putting the issue into perspective.

Target Groups

The aim of the project is to sensitize young people to refugee experiences and stories. Topics covered in the video series include bureaucratic hurdles, mental health and children interpreting for their parents.


Eight web videos on TikTok and Instagram.

Language(s) of the project


Screenshot from the “angekommen” website ( © Bildungsstätte Anne Frank