“Break the Vicious Circle! Accept the Challenge”

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“Break the Vicious Circle! Accept the Challenge” Educational-activists mobile app 10 STAGES  want to restore the memory of those forgotten or lesser known individuals who did not remain indifferent and helped others through their courageous actions during World War II. We hope that our application will not only be an interesting and useful educational tool, but above all, it will inspire users to actively stand up to evil and injustice.

Why is this app unique?

It is a fusion of:

·         new technologies,

·         reliable historical knowledge in the context of human rights,

·         lesser-known facts about National Socialism, World War II and the Holocaust,

·         moving and thought-provoking stories about real people (though not always widely known).

The app is inspired by the theory of the 10 stages of genocide by Professor Gregory Stanton. To get away from overwhelming numbers, statistics, and the “great” distant history, we focused on the biographies of people who during World War II did not remain indifferent, who stood up for human dignity and human rights, who opposed violence and injustice, and who with their courageous actions helped others. Not all of these people, or their stories are widely known, but in all of them lies a cognitive and emotional charge.

History is not just the past, closed chapters, and dusty archives. History is also written today. Knowing the recurrent mechanisms and relations which previous generations have already experienced, we are able to better understand what is happening around us. With this knowledge, motivation and the right tools, we can take action to change the reality around us.

Target groups: School students, teachers, educators.

Method / Format: Mobile app available for Android and iOS.

Language(s) of the project: Polish, English, German.



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