Competence Network on Anti-Semitism

Bildungsstätte Anne Frank


The Kompetenznetzwerk Antisemitismus (Competence Network on Anti-Semitism; KOMPAS for short) is made up of five nationwide organizations with many years of experience in the field of anti-Semitism prevention, anti-Semitism-critical educational work and counselling: the Anne Frank Zentrum, the Bildungsstätte Anne Frank, RIAS, the Kompetenzzentrum Prävention und Empowerment of the ZWST and the Kreuzberger Initiative gegen Antisemitismus (KIgA).
The aim of the network is to bundle and further develop services in the areas of anti-Semitism prevention, anti-Semitism-critical educational work, advice and the documentation and analysis of anti-Semitic incidents through cooperation and knowledge transfer. The network partners make their expertise available to the areas of (school) education, politics, administration and civil society.

Target Groups

The Bildungsstätte Anne Frank connects different groups and communities and brings them into conversation with each other – as part of changing special exhibitions, information and discussion events as well as conferences and specialist days.

Teachers and educators receive advice in acute cases of conflict and on how to deal with radicalization.


As part of the Anti-Semitism Competence Network, the Anne Frank Educational Center offers educational programs and advice on topics related to anti-Semitism. The organization of events and specialist days, as well as the creation of various digital formats, are also part of the activities of the competence network team at the educational institution.

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