​​Educational method: Points of escape. Moving life stories between Europe and the Middle East​

​​ERINNERN:AT, Holocaust Education-program at the OeAD, Austria’s Agency for Education and Internationalization​

Content /Topic:

​​A learning material (educational method) by ERINNERN:AT “Points of escape. Moving life stories between Europe and the Middle East” about the intertwining of Europe’s history with that of the Middle East. Based on seven life stories, the topics of antisemitism, racism, flight and migration, the Holocaust and the Middle East conflict are dealt with. Both public debate about and school examination of the Middle East often focus on the tensions surrounding Israel and the Palestinian territories, referred to as “The Middle East Conflict”. Other stories of war and flight are linked to this conflict, such as the war in Syria and other wars in this region, the resulting flight movements, hostility against refugees and antisemitism directed against European Jews as well as against Israel. The complex of topics often seems overwhelming and, when discussed, very easily leads to arguments. ERINNERN:AT developed a new learning material for these educational and social challenges.

​The educational method presents seven exemplary life stories with experiences of flight and migration, which make the interconnections of German and Austrian history with the history of the Middle East visible and discussable. The biographies are made didactically accessible through six learning modules. The life stories enable the discussion of structural-historical and political processes, images of identity and different narratives. The topics of flight and migration as well as antisemitism and racism can be dealt with in the context of the history of National Socialism and in consideration of the consequences of historical European (Middle East) politics. The learning material is suitable for students from the age of 14. The material consists of life stories, learning modules and factsheets. The material is accompanied by in-depth texts that provide didactic support and historical-political background information.
​In addition, the material was also adapted in plain language to make access to the topic even more low-threshold if needed.​

Target groups:

​​Students from the age of 14​.

Method / Format:

​​Educational method, ​learning material.

Language(s) of the project:


​The material is also available in plain language.​ 

Points of escape. Moving life stories between Europe and the Middle East © OeAD | ERINNERN:AT, Anne Frank Zentrum