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#everynamecounts is a crowdsourcing initiative about digitizing the names of victims and survivors of National Socialism. By joining in, you’re actively engaging with the past – and standing up for respect, diversity, and democracy today.

The documents in our archive contain information about the fates of 17.5 million people. We have already scanned them. But to make them visible in our online archive and enable people all over the world to find them there, the information they contain has to be entered into a database – and that’s where we need your help!

So far, over 100,000 volunteers have got involved with the project. Together, we’ve already processed more than 6 million documents.

Target groups:  Generation Z (15-27), but everybody from secondary school onwards is welcome to help.

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#everynamecounts is a crowdsourcing initiative. With the help of volunteers around the world, we want to build a digital memorial for the victims and survivors of Nazi Persecution. To join in, you’ll need a screen that’s at least as big as a tablet. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to use a cellphone. Please join in – it’s very easy. It only takes 5 minutes to complete one document – and add one more brick to the digital memorial.

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