​​Online-Toolbox „Stories that Move“

An initiative of the Anne Frank House in collaboration with partners in 7 countries

Content /Topic:

​​Learning modules and videos with students

​The multilingual, interactive, free online toolbox offers five learning modules that students can use to learn about the effects of Antisemitism, racism and other forms of discrimination. The learning materials are based on short videos in which young people talk about their experiences of exclusion and discrimination, including video interviews with young people from Austria and all countries participating in the project.

​The module “Seeing and being seen” offers an examination of multiple identities, “Countering discrimination” shows how prejudice and discrimination work, “Discovering life stories” presents continuities and breaks in the history of discrimination, “Using media critically” deals with propaganda and hate speech, and “Getting active” presents examples of youth projects across Europe.

​The online toolbox “Stories that Move” is designed to encourage students to critically engage with the issues of diversity and discrimination and to reflect on their own positions and decision-making options. It can be used immediately in the classroom and is suitable for both face-to-face and distance learning.
​The project website www.storiesthatmove.org also contains all the videos used in the toolbox as well as background information and handouts for teachers.
​The online toolbox “Stories that Move”, developed by an international project group led by the Anne Frank House Amsterdam, was published in 2017 .

Institutions from seven countries were involved in its conception and are currently implementing it: Netherlands, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine and Austria (Anne Frank House, AnneFrank Zentrum, , International School Amsterdam, ERINNERN:AT by the OeAD, Zachor Foundation, Kryzyzowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding, Polish German Centre Mateusz Trojanski,  Pedagogical University of Cracow, Milan Šimečka Foundation, University of Barcelona, Tolerspace, Ukrainian Holocaust Center, MART ​ ).

In summer 2018, the material was awarded the prestigious Comenius EduMedia Medal “for exemplary digital educational media.” Since 2021, another project partner has been on board, the University of Barcelona, with whose participation a Spanish version of the online tool has now also been developed.

​ERINNERN:AT and the project partners regularly offer seminars and webinars in which educators are trained to use the toolbox.


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