Historical/Documentary Workshop: From Anti-Jewish Laws to the Shoah

Associazione Progetto Memoria


This workshop is inspired by the exhibition of the CDEC Foundation “1938-1945. The persecution of Jews in Italy”. The exhibition has recently been enlarged and reorganized into a new site: https://shoahmuseum.cdec.it/.

The website may be useful to deepen some specific subjects of this workshop, based on the cardboard version of the exhibition.

The activity takes place at school and involves a single class work with an expert trainer.

It is designed to build up an extensive reflection through the examination of historical sources, such as copies of original documents, articles, pictures. The experience of this historical-documentary workshop is not only a useful in-depth analysis of the topics dealt with, but can also strengthen the formative value of the study of History in a multiperspective way. In fact, this lab is meant to lead teachers and students to discuss about aspects of present events, mainly concerning the topics of anti-Semitism, racism, intolerance, xenophobia.

Target Groups

Secondary School learners between 11 and 18.


Along with some of the cardboard panel of the exhibition, the lab materials  are distributed in order to be dated and described by the students, divided into small groups. Following this, the whole class is gathered in order to present their analyses of the documents.

The workshop is divided into two main phases (according to the historian Michele Sarfatti’s definition):

– The Denial of Rights: 14 July 1938 – 8 September 1943.

– The Denial of Lives: 8 September 1943 – 25 April 1945.

The activity lasts about two hours.

Additional didactic units, such as meetings with witnesses or videos can be provided in order to deepen specific issues.

Moreover, this workshop can be the starting point to undertake other learning paths, proposed by Progetto Memoria (https://www.progettomemoria.info/laboratori-didattici-2/) with special reference to:

– Non-existence of races in the Human species.

– Primo Levi’s scientific and literary work.

– Edith Bruck’s  literary work and engagement in civil society.

Language(s) of the project

Italian, English on demand

Starting page of the digial exhibition “1938-1945. The persecution of Jews in Italy” by CDEC © CDEC