Run for Mem – Race for Remembrance

UCEI – Ministry of Education

Content /Topic :

Sport offers the possibility of celebrating our humanity regardless of religion, creed, gender, or cultural background, and personal encounter is a precious occasion to overcome barriers and boarders. Run for Mem is a sports race promoted by the Union of Italian Jewish Communities that provides the opportunity for a joint commemoration of the memory of the victims of the Shoah  with the intention to reaffirm the value of life as stronger than all the attempts of extinguish it, every year in a different city. The history-laden path is made by symbolic stopovers where participants have the opportunity of reading dedicated informative panels, making commemorative gestures (lighting a candle, placing a flower…) and learning the history of the place to recount what happened so that it may never happen again.

Target groups: Civil society of all ages.

Method / Format: Race.

Language(s) of the project: Italian.


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