Scuola e Memoria / School and Remembrance

UCEI – Ministry of Education

Content /Topic:

Scuola e Memoria is a website born with multiple goals:

  • to promote the knowledge about the Racial Laws and the Shoah offering historical articles, personal stories, didactic videos, book reviews and other materials about different aspects of the Holocaust
  • to collect National and International didactic materials and approaches regarding Holocaust Education
  • to gather information about teacher trainers, seminars, conferences, initiatives and news all over Italy
  • to spread awareness about mechanism and process of antisemitism and any kind of prejudice and discrimination
  • to offer a dedicated sitography, bibliography, and filmography divided by ages
  • to bridge teachers from all over the countries through an exchanging space of Best Practice and Work
  • to collect the history of the National competition “Young People Remember the Shoah” and a selection of the students’ works arrived throughout the years.

Target groups: Italian students and teachers from any level.

Method / Format: Website.

Language(s) of the project: Italian.