Temporary exhibition “Universal Human Rights”

Kazerne Dossin

Content / Topics:

Kazerne Dossin offers a three-part exhibition on Human Rights, where the visitors can learn about their rights.

The exhibition starts with the universal shock caused by the Second World War and the concentration camps. Many countries around the world worked together and on 10 December 1948, the United Nations adopted the Declaration of Universal Human Rights.

The founding fathers could build on a solid foundation from the past. In the exhibition, relevant examples and (art) objects from ancient laws and religions are shown. Philosophy and human nature are also consulted in this second part.

In the third part, you can see inspiring pioneers, successful activists from the past and present despite all opposition and violations. A number of well-known Belgians come out for their personal struggle and share their dilemmas.

Target groups: Children, Students, Adults.

Method / Format: Temporary exhibition, Guided tour.

Language(s): Dutch, French, English.

Universal © Kazerne Dossin