Ester is a collection of novels and teaching material, its most important feature being a series of dramatized and illustrated stories about the Jewish victims killed during the Holocaust. Based on actual historical events and people, the stories focus on young people and their families, their pre-war lives, and their experiences during the Holocaust. Ester graphic novels are reconstructions and dramatizations of history based on available fragments of personal stories, accompanied by historical photographs, archival records, maps, historical newspapers, glossaries, and investigative tasks for students.
Some of the important features of Ester are:

  • Focus on microhistories;
  • Connecting local and European aspects of the Holocaust
  • Biographical approach;
  • Focus on local archival resources (and capacity building of local archival institutions);
  • Promoting archives and libraries as the gatekeepers of knowledge;
  • Revealing the processes behind historical research – countering at the same time Holocaust distortion, trivialization, abuse of history for nationalist propaganda, and conspiracy theories;
  • Connect the past with the present (on many levels);
  • Focus on authentic locations and on-site learning – emphasizing that the Holocaust took place right here (as opposed to an abstract image of far-away places where the most well-known concentration and death camps were);
  • Telling stories in a way that is appealing to young people;
  • Adjusted to students of various ages

Target Groups

Young people (students – the program is adjusted o different age groups 16-19, 13-15, 11-12), teachers, other multipliers/educators (archivists, librarians, museum pedagogues) and teacher trainers


Digital – website-based material with rich multimedia, links to archival records, tasks for students include both research, site-based learning and visits to authentic locations

Language(s) of the project

Serbian, English (German and French coming)

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Illustration in the graphic novel © Terraforming

Illustration in the graphic novel © Terraforming