Holocaust Teaching and Memory Association

MEMOSHOÁ – Holocaust Teaching and Memory Association aims to develop the educational and memory work of the Holocaust, with a special focus on the school environment.

Created following the first seminar for Portuguese teachers on the teaching of the Holocaust organized in August 2008 by the International School of Yad Vashem – Jerusalem, Memoshoá brings together teachers who participated in this course and who decided to organize themselves to apply and develop the teachings in schools that they acquired in Israel.

The Association was founded in 2009,  by Esther Mucznik, vice-president of the Israeli Community of Lisbon, journalist, writer, and Holoucaust researcher by Ricardo Presumido, Paula Leal Presumido and Marta Torres, history teachers. It is open to the participation and collaboration of all those interested in the development of memory and teaching of the Holocaust in Portugal.

Throughout the years, Memoshoa  helps  students, teachers and other members of school commmunities how to understand Holocaust issues. This organization dessiminates National and International Seminars. It also has school trips to Concentration Camps, Remembrance Places and cities where this terrible Genocide took place. This Association has a strong network of partnerships: Portuguese Department of Primary and Secondary Education; Jewish Community of Lisbon,  Yad Vashem, Israel; TOLI, the USA; Memórial de la Shoa, France and, recently, Minor – Projektkontor für Bildung und Forschung, Germany.

Everybody can watch Memoshoa activites on Facebook, Instragram, its website and its monthly Newsletter.