Lost Shtetl Museum

Museum, cultural and educational institution

The Lost Shtetl project began in 2012 with the restoration of the old Šeduva Jewish cemetery and the marking of 3 mass killing sites.

The Lost Shtetl Museum is a cultural and educational institution that will open its doors in Šeduva, Lithuania in 2024. “Shtetl” is the Yiddish word for a small town, and the word “lost” in the name of the institution reflects the tragic disappearance of Jewish communities throughout Lithuania and the rest of eastern Europe during World War II. The Lost Shtetl Museum will present the history, culture, religion, folklore, and daily life of Jews from Lithuanian shtetls, as well as their relations with their neighbors. The museum’s portrayal of daily shtetl life is based on the stories collected from the Jews of Šeduva; it focuses on such ordinary, hard-working people as shoemakers, tailors, doctors, shop owners, and many others.