ZWEITZEUGEN e. V. was founded in 2010 with a new approach of remembrance of the Holocaust and its lessons for our present and future. We  want to be role models especially for young people and form an antipole to antisemitism, to the growing right-wing extremism, to violence and to the salability of right-wing populist statements.

The contemporary witness and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel once said, »Anyone who listens to a witness today will become a witness himself.«. Guided by this, young people in our educational programs become second witnesses themselves – Zweitzeugen – whom we encourage and empower to stand up against antisemitism and other forms of discrimination in their everyday lives and to create their own approach of remembrance.

With the personal stories of Holocaust survivors, ZWEITZEUGEN e. V. makes history tangible and understandable. We don’t want contemporary witnesses to fall silent. Instead we tell their stories as second witnesses about their lifes before, during and after the Holocaust. For this purpose we have documented 37 life stories which we are  passing on to approximately 6.000 young people per year (about 21.000 since foundation) – through workshops at schools and in other educational institutions, in exhibitions, published interviews, with digital storytellings, our podcast and social media activities.